Episode 95: 12th December 2019

This week we brush up on the latest lingo of RegTech, cast our minds back to the days before barcodes, take a look at what SMEs of the future should be embracing and enter into our hall of fame all round good egg Prof. Sir Cary Cooper.

When Tracy suggested we talk about RegTech for our topical discussion this week my eyes visibly glazed over but, I need not have been concerned. Following on from FinTech, a term which we are all familiar with since the banking crisis, RegTech serves to protect business from identity fraud,  lapses in compliance and all round regulation.

By placing a focus on using machines to do what machines do best whilst relying on human input to bring just the right amount of subjectivity the idea is that we can speed up processes, analyse trends and highlight breaches quickly and consistently.  Read more in this report from Deloitte.

In other news, following the death at the age of 94 of its co-inventor,  we take a look at the introduction of the now almost invisible yet increasingly necessary markings of the bar code. Born from an idea originating in 1948 the first bar coded products went on sale in 1974.

In our discovery Tracy flags up a report by accounting software company Xero who have produced a report about what the future holds for SMEs and you can download your copy of the Rewired Report here.

Meanwhile Heather took a trip down a rabbit hole whilst researching the history of the bar code (I can’t quite believe I’ve just written that!), and discovered 50 Things That Made The Modern Economy.

Lastly and by no means leastly (sic), taking his place alongside the likes of Dame Stephanie Shirley and Ernesto Sirolli our profile this week is Workplace Psychologist and co founder of Robertson Cooper, Professor Sir Cary Cooper. His book The Apology Impulse can be found here.

Remember, you are the community and we welcome your comments below. Please keep them kind or at least be constructive in your criticisms.

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