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Meet The Presenters

Behind the scenes with the people who make the magic happen.

Heather Noble
Heather Noble
All round good egg and extreme busy body. Also, coach, trainer and mentor. Specialising in communication and personal development.
Tracy Jones
Tracy Jones
Renaissance woman, multipotentialite, expert generalist.
Business woman with a passion for strategy, innovation and life long learning.

Our Story

They say all good stories have a beginning, a middle and an end, contain just the right amount of interest, humour and, if we are lucky, leave us with new ideas to ponder. Well, that’s what we think (hope) we have created here at the Business Community.

We first met around about a thousand years ago at a business breakfast meeting in Wrexham and straight away realised we shared an enthusiasm for business ideas, business people, business stories and croissants. Almost immediately we knew we would probably work together on a project of some kind but it wasn’t until several moons later, thanks to a mix of social media, more networking and all round good fortune our paths crossed again in the Wrexham studios of Calon FM. Tracy was presenting the then Talking Business show and Heather was a guest on the show. We more than filled the allotted time with business chat and opinion, you can probably still find the recording on our Soundcloud account, and realised it was time.

More coffee and croissants later and in the way that two women of a certain age might, we began to hatch a master plan. A plan which would allow us to use our shared love of business our mixed understanding of business and our expert abilities to talk on any given subject for a considerable period of time without breathing and/or killing each other to create something new. So with some focus and a little trial and error we managed to craft our skills into a radio show and podcast which we hope will benefit anyone who shares our enthusiasm and interest in running, owning or working within a business in the UK.

Fast forward a month or so and Hey Presto!

Welcome to The Business Community, the only place on the planet you can hear Tracy Jones and Heather Noble, week in week out, via the magic of podcasting talking about news, events and reviews from the world of business.

Our story might not be the makings of the next Pixar film but we hope, despite the lack of special effects (and songs), you will like what we do, perhaps tell your friends about us and maybe, from time to time,  leave your comments and thoughts for us too.

We also hope, more importantly, whether you love us or hate us, that just once in a while we leave you with some new ideas to ponder.

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