Episode 117: 4th June 2020

The reopening of retail, Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez , When Humans Stop Shopping by David Kerrigan and the family behind some of the largest retail global brands, the Weston Family.

As plans are afoot to remove some of the lockdown restrictions for retailers we decide to take a look at what this means for staff, customers and business in general. From social distancing,  quarantining of stock and the retail legacy left by Covid19 we explore what the retail bodies and financial pundits have to say and look at how for some, taking your business on line has changed the face of retail forever.

In other news Tracy flags up an online speaker even with Caroline Criado Perez, author of Invisible Women and brings us up to date with the latest from the ONS. Microsoft turn to AI to gather their MSN news stories and their is disappointing news with regard to Gender Pay Gap reporting.

Staying with the retail theme for our review section we take a look a what happens When Humans Stop Shopping by David Kerrigan. With some fascinating statistics and insights into what shoppers are looking for in the modern retail environment if you work in retail you should take a look.

And finally, we make anothe rvisit to the Sunday Times Rich List this time to gain an understanding of how a family might generate a £10.53 Billion wealth. The Weston Family own Selfridges, Fortum and Mason and Primark, to name but a few. Their charitable foundation Garfield Weston distributes funds for good causes across the UK and this we like.

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