Episode 112: 23rd April 2020

Llamas, Rainbows, Sustainability and Decentralised energy with a studio guest Iona Hughes and energy guru Casey Cole take centre stage this week.

The plastic revolution is well under way and this week, via the magic of Zoom we get the opportunity to speak to Iona (pronounced Yonna like in Donna), from Plastic Free Wrexham. The group aims to support businesses and the local community to move away from single use plastics in favour of more sustainable choices.

However, when Iona isn’t championing sustainable choices she is heavily involved in providing information and guidance with regard to sustainability on a larger scale and we didn’t take long to pick up on her absolute passion, enthusiasm and commitment to the cause.  She goes on to enlighten us with regard to the Well Being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 and shares her hope that something similar will soon come into place for the private sector.

Our discovery section this week bears a title which Heather found to be more than a little confusing wasn’t entirely sure what to expect when Tracy suggested reviewing it. Beyond Llamas, Rainbows and Year End Parties by Lucia Abugattas is a well crafted and easy to digest book which examines the role of HR from recruitment to off boarding and identifies pressure points for all of those involved.

Finally, we return to the sustainability theme and turn the solar powered spotlight onto Casey Cole, CEO of Guru Systems an organisation committed to and leading the way in improving the performance of heat networks across the UK. It’s is fair to say big data and big thinking has a big role to play in the journey to net zero by the year 2050 and it would appear that the term ‘decentralised energy’ is the buzz word (no pun intended) to watch.

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