Episode 113: 30th April 2020

Crowdfunding, focus, Deep Work, CV19 update, Salesforce and Marc Benioff make up the podcast this week.

Once again we turn to Zoom to enable us to keep the show on the road and it’s fair to say we have a real mix of topics this week.

They say every cloud has a silver lining and maybe the current crisis provides us with an opportunity to seek out new ways of investing money and supporting businesses who want to start, grow or diversify. Once upon a time there were fairly traditional ways to invest an speculate to accumulate but now we hear the term ‘crowdfunding’ being used to generate working capital and/or product development.

If you are in the market for investing some of your hard earned cash then may be seedrs.com might be worth a visit. They put people who want to invest money in touch with people who are looking for investment and in any case with pitches for loo roll to luggage and from beer to bicycles the website makes for interesting reading.

On the other hand if you are looking to publish poetry, monetise music or fundraise for great causes then patreon or ukgofundme might be more up your street.

In other news we revisit the ONS data on the impact of Coronavirus, discuss the new name for Office 365 and take a look at how having staff on a board impacts the way in which CEO pay scales are set.

Our discovery this week is a book by American, Professor of Computer Science turned author, Cal Newport.  Deep Work it seems particularly relevant at the moment as it explores how to achieved focused success in a distracted world. Both the summary and full versions are available so depending on your preference the information is available in varying levels of detail.

Finally, sticking with a similar theme we wanted to profile someone who is considered to be a focused leader an upon doing a Google search came across this article from 2014 about founder of Salesforce Marc Benioff.

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