Episode 111: 16th April 2020

Clowns, Doughnut Economics and Marketing For Dummies along with the founder of team sharing application Slack, Stewart Butterfield.

While Coronavirus continues to conspire against us we decide, in the interest of self preservation, to take a slightly more optimistic look at the world of business this week.

We kick off with some of the amazing stories of diversification that have been emerging from SME’s around the country. It is surprising how creative people can be when they are forced into a unique situation and it seems that some of you are really taking the gloves off (no pun intended) to keep your business ticking.

From draft Guinness to your door, online author events and take away craft activities there are ways to keep ‘the lights on’ during this crisis many of which will surely be continued beyond the lock down phase.

In other news we take a look at Clowns Without Borders (don’t worry they aren’t the scary type of clown) and run our eye over the ONS Social Impact Report on Covid 19 which we shall continue to watch with interest.

In our discovery section, as you will probably already be aware, Tracy loves a book with a wacky title and the same is true this week as she reviews Doughnut Economics by by Kate Raworth which focuses on man being able to live at one with the planet whilst achieving economic and human needs. Heather dips into Marketing For Dummies by Jeannette McMurtry which could be useful for those who want to hit the ground running when relaunching their business.

And finally, as many of us are having to find new ways to communicate with our colleagues via various previously unknown platforms we thought we take a look at the man behind team productivity and communication tool Slack. Stewart Butterfield, as it turns out, also founded photo sharing platform flickr. A true entrepreneur he seems adept at turning failed businesses ideas into successful ones.

Remember, you are the community and we welcome your comments below. Please keep them kind or at least be constructive in your criticisms.

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