Episode 110: 9th April 2020

TEDtalks, Books, Podcasts and Making Sense of Business Support Covid19

As we work our way through the third week of lockdown in the UK we decide to do a pick and mix for you of things to get you through the day.

We both choose a Book, a Podcast and a TEDtalk and threw in a lucky dip for good  measure.

Tracy picks Who Cooked Adam Smith’s Dinner: A Story About Women and Economics by Katrine Marçal which talks about the role of the ‘housewife’ in the world of economics. Heather on the other hand has something less appealing on them menu as she revisits Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy in an attempt to focus her attention and gain some perspective during these strange times.

In the Lucky Dip section Tracy flags up some great guidance from our friends at Foremans LLP which begins to make sense of the current legislation regarding business support during Covid19. Contact them, or your own accountant for clarification if you are concerned or unsure on what or how to claim. Heather on the other hand signposts a useful blog resource which provides advice and guidance across various business sectors not just for the current climate but in general. HubStaff.com talks about managing teams, managing productivity and managing growth in easy to understand and simple to read posts.

When it comes to TED Talks we could both wax lyrical for hours and quite possibly lose a day or two in TED heaven but this week we limit ourselves to one talk each.  From Tracy, Asking For Help Is A Strength and Not A Weakness from Michelle Sullivan talks about meaningful interaction being the most memorable part of engagement and Heather chooses How To Run A Company With No Rules from Ricardo Semler.

And finally when it comes to podcasts Tracy goes for the most dramatic title of a podcast know to mankind (don’t challenge me on that), with the title You’re Dead To Me and historical and maybe hysterical podcast for people who don’t like history. Tracy is passing it off as undercover personal development whilst Heather chooses Media Masters the podcast where we find out what the media moguls really think about stuff.

Remember, you are the community and we welcome your comments below. Please keep them kind or at least be constructive in your criticisms.

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