Episode 108: 26th March 2020

Homeworking, Diversification, Mutual Support, Mental Health in the Coronavirus Crisis.

This week it’s all change for many of us as homeworking becomes the norm for all except key workers who must surely be facing real challenges as they strive to keep supply chain, infrastructure and medical treatment services going.

Every day, is indeed a school day at the moment. At The Business Community we have resorted to the virtual world instead of recording in our  usual warm cosy and fully equipped studio as we are record our show via Zoom.

As a community coming together has never been more important and we want to reach out to all of you to reassure you as much as we can that support is available and that we will come through this.

In an attempt to shift focus towards a more positive mindset we talk about methods to make homeworking more palatable whilst making sure that staff are productive.

We take a look at the some of the practical ways in which businesses can and have embraced diversification during the current crisis, from vacuum cleaners to ventilators, gin to hand sanitiser and from gift vouchers to taking your business online.

Forbes magazine has come up with a list of ‘opportunities‘ that might arise from this situation, admittedly not all feel true at the moment but maybe they will form some kind of legacy when things return to ‘normal’, which they will.

And finally, we want to be sure that you get what you need in terms of support, not just financially but emotionally, the following link takes you to a useful NHS article which provides some guidance to protect you and your staff when the going gets tough and Psychology Today suggest journalling as a tool to help us get through.

Remember, you are the community and we welcome your comments below. Please keep them kind or at least be constructive in your criticisms.

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