Episode 155: 8th April 2021


Diversity and Inclusion in The Workplace, The Courage To Be Disliked and L.K. Bennett In the same way that Mental Health and Wellbeing has climbed up the list of priorities in [...]

Episode 155: 8th April 20212021-04-07T15:59:27+00:00

Episode 154: 1st April 2021


Laughology, Penny Streeter and Post Covid Business Landscape. We are already tired of the phrase 'the new normal' and that's certainly true about the new ways of working that businesses have [...]

Episode 154: 1st April 20212021-04-07T15:19:04+00:00

Episode 153: 25th March 2021


Simon Nixon, Thornton's and Open With A Close. It's week two in the Business Community House and look who's back...Tracy's back and boy is Heather pleased to see her! What better [...]

Episode 153: 25th March 20212021-04-07T14:42:53+00:00

Episode 148: 4th February 2021


Networld Sports, Alex Loven, Furloughed Hairdresser and Beyond Culture. What do a cricket bat, lollipops and teeth whitener all have in common? Yes, that’s right they have all been used as [...]

Episode 148: 4th February 20212021-02-08T16:07:21+00:00

Episode 146: 21st January 2021


The Four Day Week, the  Counterintuitive Way to be Persuasive and Kim Scott. This week we reminisce about shorter working weeks and talk about condensed hours, reduced hours and reduced pay. [...]

Episode 146: 21st January 20212021-01-25T17:16:36+00:00
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