Episode 166: 1st July 2021


Brewdog Culture Troubles, Cal Newport and HSE Stress at Work They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity and you have to hope this I true for Brewdog who have [...]

Episode 166: 1st July 20212021-08-23T16:50:43+01:00

Episode 162: 27th May 2021


Working long hours, Doris F Fisher & Powerful Phrases for Dealing with Difficult People According to the World Health Organization long working hours caused 745,000 deaths per annum in 2016 so [...]

Episode 162: 27th May 20212021-08-20T18:03:17+01:00

Episode 161: 20th May 2021


Home Delivery Food Boxes, Small Giants and Steven Bartlett We’ve talked about a few chefs on the Business Community over the years but this week we find ourselves talking about [...]

Episode 161: 20th May 20212021-08-20T18:03:37+01:00

Episode 160: 13th May 2021


Plant-based meat, Chris Forbes of Cheeky Panda and 7-Figure Small with Brian Clarke We’ve talked a lot about disruptors in the past and this week we are focussing on one of [...]

Episode 160: 13th May 20212021-08-20T18:04:08+01:00

Episode 159: 6th May 2021


Gener8, The Great Hack & Derek Sivers Love it or hate it Dragon’s Den (find out how to take part here) has, over the years, seen quite a few pitches and [...]

Episode 159: 6th May 20212021-08-20T18:04:42+01:00

Episode 156: 15th April 2021


Forbes Annual Billionaires List, The Economist and Joanna Swash. There’s something rather fascinating about the ‘rich lists’ that get published from time to time and this week is no exception as [...]

Episode 156: 15th April 20212021-08-20T18:06:18+01:00

Episode 155: 8th April 2021


Diversity and Inclusion in The Workplace, The Courage To Be Disliked and L.K. Bennett In the same way that Mental Health and Wellbeing has climbed up the list of priorities in [...]

Episode 155: 8th April 20212021-08-20T18:06:46+01:00

Episode 154: 1st April 2021


Laughology, Penny Streeter and Post Covid Business Landscape. We are already tired of the phrase 'the new normal' and that's certainly true about the new ways of working that businesses have [...]

Episode 154: 1st April 20212021-08-20T18:07:21+01:00
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