Episode 146: 21st January 2021


The Four Day Week, the  Counterintuitive Way to be Persuasive and Kim Scott. This week we reminisce about shorter working weeks and talk about condensed hours, reduced hours and reduced pay. [...]

Episode 146: 21st January 20212021-08-24T21:20:50+01:00

Episode 124: 23rd July 2020


The Sport of Kings, Tom Blomfield, Monzo Bank and the art of Visual Thinking occupy our minds this week and with the help of a green screen Heather manages to transport [...]

Episode 124: 23rd July 20202020-07-23T14:56:32+01:00

Episode 74: 11th July 2019


LEAN vs AGILE methods, women's football, British Airways GDPR fines ,cosmetics pioneer Estee Lauder along with olives, sprouts and cookies are all on the menu this week. The likes of Toyota [...]

Episode 74: 11th July 20192020-04-16T09:37:16+01:00