Episode 99: 16th January 2020

Gophichand Hinduja, the richest man in the UK, trade unions the largest topical subject ever, awards to enter in 2020 and reasons why it’s a good idea and the levels of UK share ownership all feature this week.

Many of us will remember learning about the Tolpuddle Martyrs in our school history lessons and if you’ve ever been a member of trade union you’ll have a lot to thank them for. Trade Unions represent around 25% of all workers in the UK and this week we take a look at the who, why and what for of the trade union movement. We learn that it is a much broader subject than we anticipated (well certainly more than Heather anticipated) and we discover that across the world there are significant differences between the work of trade unions.

In other news Tracy takes a look at share ownership and the percentage shares of UK companies held by overseas investors.  Heather flags up some new guidance regarding workplace harassment that make for interesting reading and UK airline FlyBe appears to have been saved by a Government scheme to ease their cash flow position.

In the discovery section Tracy takes a look at her third list of 2020 which comprises some of the business awards that you might like to enter your company for. We’ve talked in the past about the benefits associated with the whole process and once again flag up why it’s more than a good idea. Heather shares a website that might be of use to freelance contractors and the companies who employ them. Worksome brings together skills and skills demand in one easy to manage place a portal that is sure to come into it’s own following the forthcoming revised IR35 rules which you can find out more about at this free event held by Aaron and Partners. Pop along, you might see us there.

And finally this week we profile Britain’s richest man (2019) conglomerate magnate mastermind Gopichand Hinduja whose business portfolio is nothing if not diverse. Hinduja Group builds business on Vedic values and is run by the four Hinduja brothers.

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