Episode 87: 17th October 2019

Trevor Sorbie, GDP (Gross Domestic Product), Performing As You and How To Start A Movement all provide a welcome distraction to the other BIG NEWS story taking place today.

Despite an interesting story in The Telegraph this week which gives details of a report commissioned by Lord Nash which reveals, shall we say ‘limited experience’ of brokering deals, amongst our MP’s we decided to delve into the mystical world of GDP and whether it can ever be used to measure well being, happiness or indeed a strong economy.

The ONS and Bank Of England both produce reports which aim to give some guidance on the way GDP is calculated and an interesting article on weforum.org talks about the mechanics of GDP in a way that even Heather can get her head around and The Happy Planet index strives to measure well being across the world which makes for interesting reading or a TED Talk if you prefer.

In other news Tracy spotted an article in Business Insider which claims that Gen Z women are sick and tired of being contactable 24/7. Could this be the start of a new epidemic of ‘tech fatigue’? Heather flags up some advice from Forbes on how to attract more clients. Something we can all relate to. Not rocket science but sound advice to focus the mind.

People Management has some disturbing statistics with regard to workplace well being and money worries while San Francisco are piloting new ways to ease the introduction of emerging technologies via the set up of a new Office Of Emerging Technology.

Our discovery section this week includes a book that Tracy happened upon courtesy of Kindle Unlimited. Performing As You by Diana Theodores presents the argument that a little ‘acting’ goes a long way and what’s more, it’s something we can all use to our advantage. . Heather on the other hand unearths a fantastic video which gives an interesting insight in to what it is to be a leader. You can see what it’s all about here.

And finally, as two women who spend a considerable amount of time changing the colour and cut of our hair, we take a look at the career path of celebrity hairdresser turned wigmeister Trevor Sorbie.

Remember, you are the community and we welcome your comments below. Please keep them kind or at least be constructive in your criticisms.

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