Episode 84: 26th September 2019

Supply Chain, Centenarians ,Mike Ashley of Sports Direct and try-before-you-buy all feature this week.

It turns out the term Supply Chain is a little larger than we first thought. This week we take a more in depth look at what it’s all about and how it all hangs together. If you thought you knew, you might be surprised.

Meanwhile Tracy has been hanging out at the ONS website again but this time she’s been reading up on the ‘very old’ or the ageing population as we prefer to call it. Heather shows how little she knows about the subject why not check out how much you know here.

Parents amongst us might want to take a look at the HMRC warnings regarding new student tax scams which seem to be running rife at the moment.

Heather happened upon an interesting idea of try-before-you-buy which has been adopted by a town in Germany where people were invited to live rent free for a month in order to give their feedback on how it rated as a place to live and work. See what they had to say here.

And in another change to face of retail in the UK Sainsbury’s announce some significant changes to the Argos model for the coming months.

This week Tracy discovered an article which compares several of the file sharing packages that are available. It seems things have moved on apace from Dropbox. See what Computer World has to say and Heather fell in love with a Remarkable digital notebook which promises to solve her chaotic array of stationery.

Billionaire and controversial high street chain owner Mike Ashley of Sports Direct fame features as our business leader this week. Apart from his story at Sports Direct he is owner of Newcastle United Football Club and was involved in the recent consolidation of the House Of Fraser stores. He owns many sports brands that are household favourites and his journey from squash player to billionaire is interesting if, on occasion, a little controversial.

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