Episode 37: 27th September 2018

Don’t you just hate it when you go to pay for something in a shop (or, in our case, the pub) and realise you don’t have any cash about your person? Well apparently this is a problem that is set to disappear if predictions come true.  Use of payment apps is becoming more widespread and accessible every day and this week we take a look at the impact this ‘easy payment’ culture has on business. Find out more about P2P and NFC and impress your colleagues when you know what they stand for.

We have a few events for you this week:

In news, Tracy gives a gentle reminder that HMRC want you to remember that it’s time to register for Self Assessment by 5th October if you haven’t already done so.

Our book for review is hot off the press and written by friend of the show, Sid Madge of www.meee.global. An easy to read, dip in dip out book  MEEE In a  minute: 60 ways to improve your life in 60 seconds is one we’ll be visiting time and time again. Available for Kindle download and in hard copy.

This week we take a look at retail expert and brand aficionado Mary Portas who appeared on our TV screens in 2007 as part of BBC2’s Mary Queen of Shops. Ms Portas is a colourful character and certainly seems to know her stuff.  If you are in the business of retail or in the business of spending money on the high street, she has interesting ideas about the future for us.

”Destination shopping is the future for stores of bricks and mortar – it has to have a reason.”

”I really, really do believe that the future of being successful in work is going to be about embracing all of those wonderful things women bring – empathy, collaboration, flexibility – all those wonderful feminine traits we’ve suppressed for too long.”

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