Episode 34: 6th September 2018

We may only be small fry in the world of business but this week’s topical discussion is about world domination. Not our own, although slow and sure wins the game, but the world domination of global online superstore cum megastore Amazon . Now the largest online retailer on the planet it’s growth from being an online book store to becoming the go to place to shop for pretty much anything is not without controversy.

In this week’s news section we have details from HMRC on how to identify phishing emails which purport to be from our friends at the revenue office. A full list of legitimate communications that you might expect to receive can be found on the HMRC website along with some guidelines on how to spot a fraudster.

Moving on to events we share a few ‘niche’ events featured on www.insidermedia.com that you might be interested to attend:

Our review this week is an interesting one in that we stumbled upon a publication called Monocle which describes itself as ‘Monocle is a global briefing covering international affairs, business, culture and design.’ so we thought we’d take a look on your behalf. With both a printed version and an online subscription option they also have a radio presence/podcast (we promise not to be offended if you decide to check them out). All in all a mixed bag but worth a visit or a purchase if you see it on the news stands.

And finally, we go back to the top of the show for our Business Guru/Personality this week.  A man who qualified as an electrical engineer and computer scientist, has worked on Wall Street, set up an online bookshop and is now the richest man on the planet. Yes, you guessed it, Jeff Bezos has more money than you can shake a stick at and we can only begin to appreciate what it must be like to be him.  See him interviewed here Business Insider  or find out about how he spends some, not all, of his money here Bezos Expeditions.

Remember, you are the community and we welcome your comments below. Please keep them kind or at least be constructive in your criticisms.

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