Episode 163: 3rd June 2021

Ethical brands with unethical owners, Marketing for Dummies & Greg Jackson

This week we turn our attention to an article in Ethical Consumer Magazine which examines 10 ethical brands who are owned, some only in part, by non-ethical companies.

It’s quite a controversial subject but totally fascinating and poses more questions than answers in many ways.

What happens when you sell your ethical business? What control do you have over the brand once the business has sold? What come back is there if you used your moniker to name the business and your identity is forever connected with that brand?

Our review this week delves into the Dummies range of books as we take time, in the main, to look at what they have to share with us in Marketing For Dummies. Written by Jeanette Maw it provides a comprehensive but easy to follow guide to the various elements of marketing that apply to small and large organisations alike.

During her research Tracy unearthed the Dummies website dummies.com which also shares some really useful snippets of information that apply to both everyday life and business. Well worth checking out.

For our profile this week we pick up on one of the names featured on the ethical companies list as we profile Greg Jackson of Octopus Energy one of the fastest growing energy firms on the planet which, with just under 2 million clients is on track to join the group of the Big Six utility providers.

A self proclaimed disruptor, Jacksons management style and ethos is both engaging and admirable and he has a relaxed and open manner in his written and verbal communication. Visit the Octopus Energy website or check out this interview on YouTube to get a real sense of the man.

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