Episode 161: 20th May 2021

Home Delivery Food Boxes, Small Giants and Steven Bartlett

We’ve talked about a few chefs on the Business Community over the years but this week we find ourselves talking about food where the chef is the customer.

There’s been a real increase in the number of people taking advantage of home delivery food boxes and as a business model it seems to tick a lot of boxes. It’s convenient, creative, economical and from an environmental point of view produces zero food waste. Packing is another story but one where there does seem to have been significant improvement.

Tapping in to the cash rich time poor model this way of food shopping emerged long before Covid19 but has seem massive growth over the last 18months and it seems more and more businesses are jumping on the bandwagon.

Whether you are an Abel & Cole, Hello Fresh or Morrisons Supermarket fan there’s something to fit most budgets, pallets and food preferences.

Our review this week is very much about the small business owners amongst us and Small Giants (Companies That Choose To Be Great Instead of Big) by Bo Burlingham gets us thinking about whether bigger is always better when it comes to business.

You can check out the Four Minute Books Summary here. There’s plenty of food for thought and he encourages us to make conscious decisions when it comes to growing our business, or not.

This week’s profile is a man who has been all over the press since the recent announcement that he has joined Dragon’s Den as their youngest ever dragon.

Replacing Vitabiotics CEO Tej Lalvani Steven Bartlett is a self-confessed university drop out who grew his business from his Manchester bedroom and was a multi-millionaire by the age of 25.

Now aged 28 he certainly seems to speak the language of the modern entrepreneur and we look forward to seeing how he fares alongside the other, perhaps more traditional, dragons.

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