Episode 160: 13th May 2021

Plant-based meat, Chris Forbes of Cheeky Panda and 7-Figure Small with Brian Clarke

We’ve talked a lot about disruptors in the past and this week we are focussing on one of the biggest disruptors in the food industry for many a long year.

With an increased focus on our health, general wellbeing and the fate of the planet coupled with raised awareness about meat farming and processing looking for ways to reduce our consumption of meat products.

Whether you eat vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian you will no doubt have noticed the entrance of plant based meat products and associated non dairy, dairy foods.

This week we examine the market in more detail and chat generally about food which is always a good place to start in conversation, we feel. There are some interesting statistics here at on the Vegan Society website and in New Food Magazine.

Regular listeners to The Business Community will know just how much time we spend comparing our offering to that of other podcasters and this week is no exception.

We both took a dive into the work of Brian Clark, a serial digital entrepreneur who’s started several 7-figure businesses over the years.

In his podcast he records interviews with business people, authors and entrepreneurs from all walks of life, basically so that we don’t have to.

Unemployable.com has the double benefit of providing transcripts of all of the interviews so that you can choose which medium you prefer to access.

Finally, at the tail end (pun intended) of the podcast this week we talk share portfolios and focus our attention on Chris Forbes, co-founder of Cheeky Panda.

Set up with his wife Julie Chen Cheeky Panda manufactures and distribute paper products made from bamboo and their speedy disruption to the loo roll and paper tissue market is quite impressive.

From a £10k start up in 2016 to projected turnover of £10m in 2021 they certainly seem to making an impression.

Chris gave an interview to sustainableworkspaces.com here and also shares his knowledge and insights at Elite Business Magazine.

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