Episode 156: 15th April 2021

Forbes Annual Billionaires List, The Economist and Joanna Swash.

There’s something rather fascinating about the ‘rich lists’ that get published from time to time and this week is no exception as we take a look at the list to top all lists.

The Forbes Annual Billionaires List is both extensive and contains some of the richest people in the world. In many respects its monopoly money to pretty much all of us but it does bring in some interesting developments not least given the impact of Covid 19 on the global economies.

Sticking with a financial theme we take a look at that well know world news and economic paper The Economist. However, it’s not the paper version we examine this week but the various ‘add ons’ that the digital age has produced.

Tracy admits being taken in by a marketing ploy which saw her sign up to their annual digital subscription while Heather looks out for freebies and finds them on their YouTube channel where there are webinars and podcast aplenty.

Our profile this week is of a lady who has certainly worked her way up through the ranks to her current position as Group CEO of Moneypenny. Joanna Swash and the various appointments that accompany that position and knowledge.

Find out more about Joanna and Moneypenny here.

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