Episode 153: 25th March 2021

Simon Nixon, Thornton’s and Open With A Close.

It’s week two in the Business Community House and look who’s back…Tracy’s back and boy is Heather pleased to see her!

What better way to celebrate than to talk about chocolate? Not just any chocolate, the exclusive brand of chocolate known as Thornton’s. We take a look at where it all went wrong, examine their business model and take a walk down memory lane to remind ourselves of the halcyon days of the luxury brand that is saying goodbye to the high street.

Our review this week is of a book which caught Heather’s eye online not least because it was free of charge (postage only) and so we both ordered copies of Open With A Close by Matthew (Matt) Elwell. The book talks us through a 12 point guide to closing more sales and is easy to follow, easy to read and easy to remind ourselves that selling is a two way approach. Matt also runs the eliteclosingacademy.com and you can find several training videos online of him sharing his knowledge about sales and how the human brain is wired against us.

And finally, our profile this week is a man who really should have been in the mix earlier given the close proximity to where we both live. Simon Nixon self made man, founder and former CEO of moneysupermarket.com, Nixon now spends his time managing an investment portfolio seekventures.com and running a collection of luxury (and boy do we mean luxury) holiday homes under the banner of simonescapes.com.

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