Episode 152: 18th March 2021

Uber, The Little Book of Big Coaching Methods and Kavita Oberoi.

One more week where Heather is going it alone as Tracy takes some more time out so it’s free reign on the topics for discussion and a chance to take a walk down memory lane with the profile this week.

The news this week features changes to the employment status of Uber drivers and this provides lots of food for thought and sees Heather take a look at the legal definitions of different employment statuses.

Following on from a recent book review The Little Book of Big Coaching Methods by Bob Bates sees Heather waxing lyrical about the various coaching models featured and it’s fair to say she loves the book almost as much as The Little Book of Big Management Theories.

And finally the profile this week is of a British entrepreneur of Indian descent whose story has inspired and stayed with Heather ever since she saw her speak at a conference in 2009. Kavita Oberoi founder of IT and Business Healthcare Consultancy, one time Secret Millionaire and guest on The Apprentice,  has a story built upon humble beginnings and hard work and now uses her success story to inspire and motivate others. Find out more about here and hear her talk here.

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