Episode 147: 28th January 2021

Register of tradeswomen, Hattie Hasan, Stopcocks & The Creative Brain

We’ve already mentioned that one of the reasons we love doing this podcast so much is that it allows us to read about, read around and review things that we love and are interested in and this week is no different.

We set the ballcock rolling with a discussion about tradeswomen and in particular an article in Positive News which highlights a fantastic initiative that is due to launch to the wider public in the spring. Behind the scenes work has been under way to gather together women who provide trade services such as painting, decorating, electrical work and digger driving (to name but a few). The scheme was founded to provide a platform for skilled women to hold their own in a male dominated sector and provides support, guidance and protection for those who want to set up their own business. We love the whole ethos and logos of this scheme and look forward to seeing it launch later this year.

Our review this week allowed us to spend an hour logged into Netflix to watch a documentary by David Eagleman called  The Creative Brain. As a piece of work it is beautiful and the message he conveys provides food for thought from both a business and personal perspective. In a nutshell we loved it and if you’d like to take a peek then you can find it here.

For our profile this week we revisit the Positive News story and pick up on the founder of www.registeroftradeswomen.com. Hattie Hasan MBE is a teacher turned plumber who, after several years trying to make her mark on the plumbing industry, set up her own business franchise called Stopcocks which to be fair is a genius name!!!! The organisation is, as we have already mentioned supporting the tradeswoman register but as a business provides so much more. Awarded MBE in 2020 for supporting and promoting women in the plumbing and heating industries Hasan, is a likeable and committed advocate for this cause and you can find out more about her in this interview with The Mutton Club.

Tracy & Heather

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