Episode 146: 21st January 2021

The Four Day Week, the  Counterintuitive Way to be Persuasive and Kim Scott.

This week we reminisce about shorter working weeks and talk about condensed hours, reduced hours and reduced pay. Although this is a subject we have covered before we spotted an article published by the BBC at the end of last year and wanted to take time to revisit in light of recent developments and the fact that some of the larger organisations are piloting a shorter working week. It seems that lockdown might be making a lasting impression on our ways of working.

We also review a short but incredibly well crafted TED Talk by Niro Sivanthan – The Counterintuitive Way To Be More Persuasive and much of what he has to say really resonated with us in terms of how we are persuaded and how we might seek to persuade. The essence of the talk is about how, when it comes to persuasion, sometimes less is more and Sivanthan uses clear examples to highlight his theory.

For our profile we take a look back at the author of last weeks review piece about radical candour as we were attracted to the back story of the author Kim Scott who apparently has spent some time working in less than easy environments. We trawled the internet to find out more about Kim and were, in many ways left wanting. That said her website is worth a visit and there are some snippets of information that are interesting.

Tracy & Heather

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