Episode 142: 17th December 2020

Job Titles, Gurus and Leaders, Reverse Mentoring and The Day Google Broke are some of the weird and wonderful things that make up our final live show of the year that was 2020.

Taking a walk down memory lane we both try to recall our first job titles from way back when and also take time to consider the new ‘lingo’ that is used to describe sometimes straightforward, sometimes space age and sometimes crazy jobs that are currently held by officers and worker bees of the day. It’s fair to say some of the modern day jobs didn’t even exist when Tracy and I started work so it was a revelation to remember some of the ‘old favourites’ not least the memories of Saturday jobs, first ‘grown up’ jobs and current jobs. We’ve both come a long way over the years.

In other news we discuss something that took most of the modern world by storm this week. Global giant Google had an outage on Monday which left millions of people checking their internet connection and realising just how little information we now retain in our heads choosing instead to trust significant knowledge and information to the world of cloud search engines and electronic mail. Fortunately normal service was soon resumed and remote working could recommence.

Our review this week is of a TED Talk by former Virgin Airways employee Patrice Gordon who tells the story of her being invited to mentor upwards rather than the more traditional mentoring role of downwards. Her talk about Reverse Mentoring makes for interesting listening and provides food for thought for those who assume that as they rise through the ranks in an organisation, have gleaned all of the knowledge they need to steer the ship.

Finally, in our profile this week we focus our attention on a woman who made her way onto the Northern Power Women list for her work at Total Fitness. Sophie Lawler is CEO of the company and is flying high there. Her commitment to people development and gender equality is well documented and she goes from strength to strength in her role.

And if you’ve ever wondered how we decide who to profile and are interested to know just how much we like the word Guru, listen to the end of the podcast and all will be explained. It’s almost as if we plan it!!!!

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