Episode 141: 10th December 2020

Peter Moore (not the serial killer), 10 business predictions for 2021 and open minded business books from 2020 give us lots to discuss this week.

As we try to put 2020 behind us and begin to look forward towards 2021 we take some time to view a list of predictions that provide us with food for thought, many of which we have discussed at different points throughout the year. It’s almost as if we knew what Shep Hyken was going to be predicting for the year ahead. It makes for really interesting reading and can be found in two parts here and here. 

In other news we pick up on the battery issues being experienced by many iphone users as they update the IOS 14.2. Tracy shares her experience and a work around that might help save the day. We also share the latest developments from regular featuring IKEA who are moving away from their printed catalogue and taking steps towards the digital experience to showcase their wares.

If cute furry animals are more your thing then you might be interested to learn that the world of pets is enjoying a boom phase as lockdown saw many of us choosing to bring home a puppy for company on their permitted exercise and while they are working from home.

Our review section features a list of business books that claim to open our minds, assuming we want to have them opened at all. The list features on Forbes and was compiled by  Steve Denning. If you want to find out how some of the really big boys have achieved their enormous market share and profile there will be likely be something here to catch  your eye.

And finally, in our profile section we take a look at someone who is currently working very close to home. Peter Moore, formerly of LFC has recently started working as advisor to the new purchasers of Wrexham AFC. Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney. It would appear, from their  respective homes in the USA their paths seem to have crossed, perhaps over a dry martini, and the expert knowledge of Mr Moore seems to set to shape the future of the North Wales football club.

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