Episode 140: 3rd December 2020

Harald McPike, Renewable Energy, Brewdog and The Jelly Effect.

This week we go large on our topical discussion as we dip our toe into the world of renewable energy. As the UK government announce a commitment to onshore renewable technology it seems appropriate to explore the subject in more detail. So if you don’t know your Biomass from your Biogas or your Tidal Power from your Wave Power you might like to get yourself up to speed via this easy to follow guide and then maybe take a view on whether you want to invest in the renewable markets. Old favourite Motley Fool also shares some tips on how to approach investment in renewables.

In other news we take time to consider the demise of Arcadia Group and the uncertain future of Debenhams who are the latest casualties on the High Street. On a more positive note, Tracy brings us up to speed on the early boom in christmas tree sales and how the niche sector is benefiting from an extended window of opportunity this year as people search for something to ease the lockdown boredom.

Our review this week is of a book relating to communication and how to make it stick. The Jelly Effect by Andy Bounds gets us to focus on how to cut through the unnecessarily complication communication habits some of us have fallen into and encourages us to think about our aims, our message and our delivery. Interesting indeed and certainly thought provoking. If you don’t want to invest in the book but would like to find out more then Andy doesn’t hold back on sharing his knowledge on his website. Well worth a visit.

And finally, we follow up on a name check from last week’s show when we were talking about Starling Bank and how Anne Boden managed to secure some start up funding to launch her idea. A behind the scenes investor by the name of Harald McPike was, we decided, worth some investigating and whilst it is almost impossible to find out much about the Swiss born billionaire apart from his adventures to both poles, his superyacht home and his dream of space travel. Nevertheless what we were able to find out was other worldly and involved some very large numbers.

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