Episode 139: 26th November 2020

Anne Boden, Rebel Talent & the impact of Covid on modern day recruitment methods.

Whether you are on the lookout for your next job opportunity or you are seeking to fill a post it seems you may have a few extra things to think about these days. As the world we live in seems to be changing on a daily basis it seems that the world of recruitment is also evolving pretty quickly too.

An article in People Management Magazine from  June of this year talks at length about the innovative changes that Covid 19 has driven forward when it comes to the world of recruitment. Whether you are using AI for CV screenings or conducting video interviews via Zoom or Teams there is plenty of opportunity to streamline the shortlisting process before you have even spoken with the candidate. It seems, love it or hate, the virtual world in tightening its grip on this area of business and ‘Remote Recruitment’ is now officially a thing.

The BBC on the other hand talks about where to find your next opportunity if you find yourself on the look out for work and goes as far as highlighting sectors which despite the pandemic are actively seeking staff and provides tips on how to stand out from the crowd.

In other news Heather has been studying the FT’s list of Most Inclusive Companies and some UK companies feature high up on the 850 strong list according to their employees while Tracy has been looking back at the number of business ‘Births and Deaths‘ that the ONS reports took place in 2019.  We also give some attention to the UK rival for Amazon which seems to have escaped our attention but is growing fast in the online retail rival stakes. Manchester based OnBuy is investing £10m and creating 1000 jobs in the Northern Powerhouse capital city. 

Our review this week is of a book which actively encourages us to break the rules both at work and in life Rebel Talent by Francesca Gino uses scenarios, stories and science to illustrate why channelling our inner rebel might be the thing that makes all the difference. Check out this video to see if you like what she has to say.

And finally we take a look at a lady whose name came to our attention as Dame Stephanie Shirley commented that she had been sent a copy of a book written by this lady and was seemingly very impressed. Anne Boden is the founder of online bank Starling Bank and her story is not one that could be described as  planned our straightforward. Working to deliver ethical and easy access to banking service she now has an MBE for services to Financial Technology and featured on the Forbes Top 50 Women Working In Tech list for 2018. 

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