Episode 135: 22nd October 2020

Pub desks, Pitch the Powerpoint Killer, Brian Chesky and Air BNB.

What can possibly go wrong with pub desks in the middle of a global pandemic? Well, it seems, according to the BBC,  that many of us who are working from home are glad to ring the changes when it comes to their workspace. Savvy publicans with reduced opening hours and seats to fill have tapped into this vibe and have started to market their empty tables as work spaces.  In much the same way as the Jelly movement of a few years ago, for a few pounds they are providing free wifi, coffee and tea and in some cases a free lunch (yes indeed).  And once the working day is over they are turning tables around and serving their usual fayre until ringing last orders at 10pm.

In other news Heather takes a look at the recent initiative launched by Royal Mail which is set to shake up the way we despatch packages. The click and get your package collected will see your postie picking up as they drop off if you so wish and all for a fairly modest handling charge, on top of postage of course and Tracy discovers that high flying Elon Musk has joined forces with Microsoft to really take file storage into the cloud, or to be more precise into space. The joint venture basically brings the power of the Starlink satelite connectivity to the Azure infrastructure and its beyond blue sky thinking. Find out more here.

In terms of our discovery this week, and at the risk of sounding like some early Halloween horror film, Tracy unearths a new app which is taking on the well know presentation platform Powerpoint. According to Reuters, the start up app, commonly known as Pitch, the Powerpoint Killer, claims to be giving the tried and tested software a run for it’s money. You can give a try for free by visiting pitch.com.

And finally, our a man in the spotlight this week is Brian Chesky, accidental co-founder and CEO of the rent a room service Airbnb. For many people, this has revolutionised the way they travel but despite his considerable wealth generated from small beginnings, Chesky claims to still be avoiding the high life and still uses his own service when travelling with his girlfriend.

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