Episode 133: 8th October 2020

Oil, Shifting Stories Peter Starbuck, The Wales Start Up Awards and Business Risk.

Hold on to your hard hats as this week we take a deep dive into an industry that involves numbers that will make your head spin. If you want to know your upstream and midstream from your downstream then strap yourself in we’re going underground.

When we decided to take a look at the Oil industry we should have known it would be far more complicated than just ‘taking a look at the oil industry’. It turns out you can’t look at oil without looking at gas, without looking at wind power, with0ut looking at nuclear etc etc etc. So we spend 10minutes or so just touching the tip of the proverbial iceberg on this subject.

And despite the enormity of it all, even the oil industry isn’t immune to Covid 19 as detailed in this report from The International Energy Agency. 

In other news, we take a look at the Wales Start Up Awards and while Tracy takes a look at local firm Cedar Tree Pods of Wrexham, Heather hones in on Beer, albeit the non alcoholic kind made by the brilliant named Drop Bear Beer Company based in Swansea.  Heather’s eye was caught by a report published in Insurance Business Magazine which compare some of the risks facing business this year compared to last and the findings are interesting particularly in a Covid world.

Our discovery this week is a book that came to our attention via the magic of social media. Shifting Stories by Andrew Scott (available at a discounted rate direct from the author), teaches us that by reframing the way we tell our own stories, whether in life or business, we have the power to change our future. This easy to read and thought provoking book helps us to check ourselves in terms of how we define ourselves by what has happened to us rather than what we might become.

And finally, we are profiling a man who has given much of his personal and professional career to the study of the so called Father of Management, Peter Drucker whom we profiled in our very first show on 4th July 2018, (listen again here.). Another Peter, Peter Starbuck has done alot of the research into Drucker’s work so that we don’t have to and you can learn all about it via his website Starbuck on Management. Well worth a visit if only to find out why  Starbucks Coffee is called Starbucks.

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