Episode 132: 1st October 2020

Sarah Beeny,  the hybrid workplace, Unsubscribe and TED Books and topical news to keep you up to date and we even have some stories not related to Covid19.

Pretty much all of us will have encountered some changes to the way we work during 2020 and there’s no sign of things stopping any time soon but did you know the workplace we currently occupy has a name? Not only that, it was a name coined at least 4years ago. The Hybrid Workplace has been with us for some time and it seems will be here for some time to come. This week we explore what it was, what it is and what it might become.

And if you’d like to find out more about what matters and how to keep up with latest thinking then why not take a leaf out of Heather’s book and book yourself onto this free online conference organised by Management Today? Leading In The Hybrid Workplace features, amongst others, Dame Stephanie Shirley. We both love the look of it and think you might too.

In other news Tracy tracks down the latest contactless innovation which is coming over the horizon from Amazon. The palm reading payment system called One Scanner takes a photo of the palm of your hand, more specifically the veins in your hand, and uses it to validate your payment. It all sounds a bit futuristic for some of us but, in the current climate, anything that reduces the need to make physical contact with payment devices can only be a good thing.

Sticking with technology, The Guardian ran an article in relation to the global outage experienced by Microsoft 365 users earlier in the week. Whilst the story itself is interesting and had significant impact on a lot of businesses it was perhaps more interesting to think that one company could impact so significantly on a global scale.

And in retail Aldi are making steps towards online shopping as they trial their new click and collect service in a number of stores. Yet another example of the need to pivot in order to keep up with the Jones’ (or indeed the Nobles).

Books feature heavily in our discovery section this week as Tracy deals with the disappointment of a cancelled webinar by delving into the comfort of TED Talks and unearths a library of TED Books that are published by the organisation in relation to their talks. I have a feeling we’ll be spending quite alot of time there in the future.

Heather on the other hand shares her thoughts on Unsubscribe by Jocelyn K Glei, an easy to digest and ideas filled guide to dealing with the overwhelm of email (for email in 2020 read whatsapp, messenger, slack etc etc). With examples and ideas it provides a though provoking approach to managing emails rather than emails managing you.

And finally, in our profile section we take a look at another ‘celebrity entrepreneur’ who has made her money out of property, tv, estate agency  and dating, Yes you read that correctly, Sarah Beeny is a woman who knows how to turn an idea into a reality and whilst it’s fairly difficult to find out much about her strategy her profile speaks for itself.

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