Episode 128: 3rd September 2020

Giving and receiving feedback, HBR Must Reads and Flip The Switch plus Chris Dawson of The Range get us talking this week.

Why does feedback matter? What happens if we don’t give, or receive it and why do we always assume that feedback will be a negative? Simon Osborn shares his views in this article in Management Today  and he discusses all in more detail and invites us to normalise the process of feedback in our every day lives. For those who prefer to watch rather than read up on the subject check out this TED Talk, by Jo Hirsch as he discusses the idea that we could actually enjoy receiving feedback and if you fancy some rapid skill acquistion in the art of feedback that actually works then Lee Ann Renninger’s talk might be of interest.

In other news Heather takes a look at FTSE and reveals some shocking statistics relating to significant growth and massive wealth and significant growth during Covid19 and on a level most of us will be able to relate to she finds out what is happening with M&S and Ocado.

Tracy revisits commercial property and the movement towards change of use specifically in Hexham where council offices have been turned into apartments as part of  a pre covid plan whilst the same is taking place in Stafford as a direct result of the Covid pandemic. Interesting times.

And finally, if you work in personalised merchandise and are interested to check out the most popular names then Tracy’s list of 100 most popular can be found here. 

Two books feature in our Discovery section this week. Tracy gravitates back to her favourite source of information the HBR. Their 2020 offering is the HBR Must Reads 2020 and she shares some snippets to whet your appetite while Heather takes a look at a book by Jez Rose called Flip The Switch. Her copy is covered in post it notes which is usually a sign of a good book and both publications get the thumbs up this week. And if you are interested in some ‘bee tasting’ activities then check out Jez Rose and his website jezrose.co.uk.

Profiling this week brings the founder of out of town retail store The Range which, if you have ever visited one of their stores you will be aware, sells pretty much anything and everything. Mr Chris Dawson and his wife feature on the same list as last week’s business leader, Mark Constantine in that they are both from the south coast and have both built their business from nothing.

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