Episode 126: 6th August 2020

Commercial property, building rapport, interesting IOSH and Holly Tucker from notonthehighstreet keep us talking this week.

The changing face of the high street has been on the agenda for quite some time and the change in commercial property use has widened it’s net during Covid19 with plenty of businesses, not necessarily retail, rethinking the way they use their business premises. This week we take a look at some of the major changes and ponder what the future might look like for landlords and tenants alike. Government guidance has been issued in relation to this and we tracked down a simple to understand version of the ‘rules and regulations’ here.

In other news we take a look at best practice for homeworkers in the world according to Google, pick up on the recent data hack encountered by Garmin and find out why some people are actually missing their daily commute to work rather than thinking that home working is the best thing since sliced bread.

Things get serious in our discovery section this week as Tracy turns to the knowledge and experience of counter terrorism experts to find ways to develop rapport. The book Rapport: The Four Ways to Read People by Emily Alison & Laurence Alison gives us an insight into how to form a connection with others and the authors share their experiences of interview and interaction from the world of interrogation.

Heather’s mind is well and truly blown this week by the IOSH magazine which, it turns out, isn’t as dull as we might think. The magazine and website both provide some fascinating stories, advice and guidance as well as sharing some interesting business stories from a range of industry sectors. Well worth checking out even if you don’t have responsibility for Health & Safety in your place of work.

Finally we move away from the high street and focus on the hugely successful website www.notonthehighstreet.com which brings together over 200,000 products under one website ‘roof’ and over the past 15 yrs has channelled over £600m into independent retailers across the country. It’s founder Holly Tucker certainly knows her stuff when it comes to branding and her story is an interesting one on many levels. Check out Holly&Co to find out more about Holly.

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