Episode 123: 16th July 2020

The brand that is Beckham, the idea of returning to work, the thought of homeworking in Barbados and the ability to survive in the 21st Century without having a panic attack got us pondering, and talking for quite a long time this week.

It is fair to say that everyone’s story  of what they did during the Covid19 pandemic will be a different one there are many  people who found themselves either furloughed or working from home who are now being enticed back to their place of work and for some the concept of a return to a once familiar surrounding is less than appealing.

We discuss some of the reasons why we might be reluctant to ‘go back to work’ and take time to consider what the implications are for both staff and employers.

There are a number of interesting articles and sources of advice on the subject which may help to ease the transition process.

In other news Manchester emerges as a hotbed of business startups during lockdown and Cardiff gets creative with outdoor space while adhering to social distancing rules and if neither of the above are exotic enough, how about setting up shop in Barbados for a year? Checking passport and flight deals as I type.

Sticking with the global theme, our free for all discovery section this week, includes a book that Tracy  has been enjoying while most of us are spending more and more time at the beck and call of technology.  Notes on a Nervous Planet by Matt Haig aims to help us make sense of a chaotic world and find calm in the midst of the madness of the 21st century.

Heather on the other hand highlights a  business support scheme which has been launched via Enterprise Nation which is an easy to access free resource for businesses who need some additional support as they ‘bounce back’ or ‘pivot’ their way around Covid19. Organised by the government the scheme is accessed via the Enterprise Nation website and runs until the end of December 2020.

And finally, love them or hate them, unless we have been living under a stone for 25yrs we will most certainly all have encountered the brand that is Beckham. Whether you follow Victoria, David, Brooklyn or any of his siblings, you will likely have an appreciation that behind this family is a massive, money making machine which is managed magnificently. Like tracing a family tree ,which on the face of it seems straightforward, we certainly unearthed more than we thought possible in terms of companies and accounts. Simply run a search on companies house for either David or Victoria and you’ll return a list of enterprises to make your mind boggle. Tracy took great delight in checking out their property porfolio  if you fancy a moment of escapism, you might like to do the same here. 

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