Episode 121: 2nd July 2020

Tesla, Bunker Roy, Barefoot College, Post Covid Training and Ethnic Minority Business get thrown into the mix this week.

This week we take a look at the post Covid19 world of training. Exploring how we  combine distance learning with engaging training and what this means in terms of both the trainer and the trainee.

Training Journal and LinkedIn have joined forces to explore the future of training and reveal that UK CEO’s are more engaged with developing their staff then they have been for some time.  We consider some of the practicalities of distance learning and Tracy unearths some tips from Training Industry Magazine  and Mckinsey on how L&D professionals and businesses can upskill for the new way of working.

In other news we John Lewis appoints another female to the board as Pippa Wicks picks up the mantle from Paula Nickolds who received a rather nice golden hand shake when she left the business earlier in the year whilst the ONS continues to produce interesting data around some of the positive changes Covid19 has on the UK populus and other organisations start to consider how much real estate they need to continue trading in the ‘work from home’ era.

Our discovery section this week includes a website that Heather happened across whilst coaching a recent client. The site is www.msduk.org.uk and they work with EMB (Ethnic Minority Business) to forge strong relationships across multiple business platforms. Tracy has been busy reading fiction of late but she did manage to spend some time researchin  for her new company car and the merits of the Model 3 TESLA (how exciting!!! or do we mean scary??).

And finally our profile this week  brings into the light the founder of the Barefoot College, a man with a particularly interesting (and apparently not made up) name, Sanjay Bunker Roy, Civil Rights Leader and Indian Social Activist. Despite being born to a wealthy family and attending a high ranking school  in India Mr Roy decided he wanted to make a difference in the villages of his country, much to his mother’s chagrin. It’s fair to say he achieved something pretty amazing and you can hear his story via a very humble and endearing TED Talk, Learning From A Barefoot Movement.

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