Episode 120: 25th June 2020

Brewdog Beer, Insolvency and Debt, and Brain Training Apps make for mixed conversation this week.

Reluctantly but necessarily during the current situation our thoughts turn to business liquidity and we revisit a subject we have discussed in the past but one that seems to feature on the headline of every newspaper, website and news item at the moment. This week we are talking about the differences between insolvency and administration and we pick up a few other alternative options along the way.

If you find your business severely financially impacted by the Covid19 crisis and want to seek advice then information and guidance is available at the following locations:

Business Impact – ONS Statistics
Changes to Insolvency Rules Covid19
Business Debtline
Personal Debt Help Plan

In other news we the ONS publishes further statistics regarding well being during the pandemic, Prime Minster Boris Johnson unveils plans on easing of lock down to begin the much needed economic kickstart and there is support for business renters who run the risk of eviction under new rules that have been introduce to protect them.

Discoveries this week include a brain training app that Tracy has been using to wind down after a day at the office and a game app that we have both used on a virtual pub night but has the potential to act as a ‘warm up’ activity for remote teams. The brain training app is called Peak and works to get the little grey cells working again whilst the game is called Psych and is a kind of ‘Call My Bluff’ |(showing my age there) which gets more enjoyable with each sip of wine. Both worth checking out whilst we continue to live in this virtual world.

And finally, we turn to another kind of liquidity and this time it is one that we much prefer to talk about. Beer. Our profile this week is that of the founders of Brew Dog, the easy to identify, simple branding ale that does exactly what it says on the tin! From Punk IPA to Nanny State non alcoholic beer and with cheeky labels such as Elvis Juice and Barnard Castle Eye Test their slightly risque but hugely successful empire was built over 10 yrs from a small Scottish industrial estate to a global brand and the men behind the business are James Watt and Martin Dickie and their vision, values and products speak for themselves. Find out more about the work they do, they way they do it and why they do it at brewdog.com.

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