Episode 103: 20th February 2020

Emma Walmsley, The Business of Wine, The Science of Storytelling and The Evolution of The Workplace provided a real cocktail of subjects for this week’s podcast. We hope you enjoy them. Cheers!

Following a recent wine tasting and winery tour we got to thinking about the epic scale upon which the global wine industry exists. There are so many variables involved in the process of making fermented grape juice and the calculated risks centred around geology, weather and a little bit of magic dust means that anyone setting up business in the industry must surely spend many sleepless nights anticipating what nature is going to produce.

There are some interesting statistics to be found on the subject, so many in fact, it is worth grabbing a glass (or two) and settling down to read all about it.

For general statistics visit, winegb.co.uk, for business ideas visit entrepreneur.com, and to see what’s happening in the world of English wine click here.

While Mr Jeff Bezos pledges $10billion to combat climate change his online business Amazon comes under fire for health and safety concerns in the workplace.

Our discovery section includes a book which Tracy just can’t put down, The Science of Storytelling by Will Storr while Heather  flags up some interesting thoughts regarding equality and inclusivity in the work place which were shared at a recent CIPD seminar featuring guest speaker Shakil Butt. 

And finally, our profile this week is of a woman who doesn’t suffer fools gladly but enjoys the position of CEO of super pharmaceutical company Glaxo Smithkline or GSK as it is known. Emma Walmsley transitioned from the beauty industry to pharma amidst some ‘speculation’ that her knowledge would be lacking but her work seems to have proved the naysayers wrong.

Remember, you are the community and we welcome your comments below. Please keep them kind or at least be constructive in your criticisms.

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