Episode 93: 28th November 2019

Digital leader Jacqueline De Rojas, the world of farming, Macmillan Cancer at Work and WT.Social capture our attention this week.

This week’s discussion turns to the great outdoors and the often ignored employee population that is employed in farming our green and pleasant land. With much relied upon subsidies up in the air times are tough for land based businesses and the need for diversification becomes ever more important. The UK Government Annual Farming Report provides some interesting statistics and a report regarding Farming Business Income also provides a less than bright picture.

In our Discovery section Tracy takes a look at The Birmingham Conference and Events Centre (not the NEC) and a new social media platform called wt.social while Heather flags up the Your Work and Cancer Toolkit from Macmillan At Work. Get your free copy here.

And finally, finding high ranking women in the world of business can be hard enough without venturing into the often male dominated world of IT. This week Jacqueline De Rojas (President of techUK and Chair of the Board of Digital Leaders) has an interesting tale to tell. She may not be the next Dame Stephanie Shirley but she’s certainly giving the men a run for their money.

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