Episode 90: 7th November 2019

Yo! Sushi, Relationships at work, , NCVO the ONS and the Bank of England are on the menu this week.

Workplace relationships are, if you believe the media, are almost an occupational hazard. With most of us spending more waking hours with our work colleagues than with our nearest and dearest it appears that team bonding can take on a whole new meaning. This week we take a look at what employers and employees can do to help themselves when the going gets tough.

In other news we take a look at the Microsoft 4 day working week, sickness absence and the £56m cash injection being made to help SME’s boost business productivity.

A whole raft of information from the ONS and the Bank of England websites have Tracy staying up late reading definitions, downloading documents and digesting data until the wee small hours while Heather focuses on some fund raising guidance given by the NCVO that transfers equally to the world of business.

If you ever needed a push to ‘go large’ with your business idea you might like to take a leaf out of the book of Simon Woodroffe of Yo! Sushi fame who openly admits to wanting to ‘raise his profile’ when starting the pioneering food conveyor belt model Japanese restaurant back in 1997 and suggests that thinking big was the reason for the brands success.

Remember, you are the community and we welcome your comments below. Please keep them kind or at least be constructive in your criticisms.

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