Episode 47: 6th December 2018

Market capitalisation, and mega bucks with the highest valued businesses in the world, lean start ups and the next President of the USA (maybe) all get a mention this week. Topically as Apple and Microsoft battle for the top spot as most valuable business in the world, Amazon and Google are also giving them a run for their money. Tracy takes time to explain the numbers and help us to understand how the Monopoly money figures add up.

Events and news this week include:

  • A reminder for those who need to file a tax return by the January deadline.
  • 360 Degree Networking – 11th December 2018 – Wrexham
  • Brexit What Next? – 12th December 2018 –  Liverpool
  • How To Grow Your Business Group Coaching – 3rd January – Wrexham
  • Labour NW Business Conference with Kier Starmer MP – 25th January – Manchester

We review The Lean Start Up by Eric Ries (pronounced Rees), check out these links for additional information: Storyboard and YouTube

This week’s business leader is newly retired and has previously held positions as CEO (twice) and Executive Chairman until June 2018 of leading high street coffee shop Starbucks. Since leaving the organisation speculation has mounted about his potential to stand for the top job in 2020. You can view Upstanders via the Starbucks Channel by clicking here.

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