Episode 29: 26th July 2018

This week Tracy has an unseasonable cold which has left her with a deeper and huskier voice than is usual. You might think that would give Heather free reign to talk the hind legs of two donkeys but we think, even with her malaise, Tracy gives us a good run for her money.

Now, whether we like it or not, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already a very real part of our world. Maybe Alexa is ruling the roost from the corner of your sitting room, perhaps you are tired of being asked to ‘turn around when possible’ when out in your car or possibly you have had to use an out of hours GP call system? In any case all use some kind of AI to deliver their services. Whether we want to dig our heels in or allow ourselves to explore, examine and exploit the key benefits it brings to business and with the wider community, it’s here to stay. So what does this mean for jobs? Find out more at www.entrepreneur.com or via this detailed PWC UK report An International Analysis of The Potential Long Term Impact of Automation.

In the words of Benjamin Franklin ‘nothing is certain but death and taxes’ and HMRC are taking steps to help us realise this earlier in life through their introduction of YouTube video aimed at youngsters called Tax Facts – First Steps Your National Insurance Number and Personal Tax Account.

Our events take us into August and September:

We decided this week to review a ‘thing’ rather than a ‘thing’ so we take a look at Psychometric Testing (cue Heather getting on her hobby horse). Keen to distinguish between personality profiling and aptitude or interest tests, we highlight the uses and benefits of asking others and encouraging ourselves to use these early AI methods to understand what makes people tick.

And finally, our business ‘personality’ this week is a contrast to last week in that the internet is full of stories, interviews and articles about Lady Karren Brady, Baroness Brady of Knightsbridge, CBE.  Youngest ever Managing Director of a UK Plc in 1997 and affectionately known as The First Lady of Football, real life Lady Brady has had an interesting career. And to what does she attribute her success? She follows 10 golden rules all available on her website www.karrenbrady.com

Tracy chose this rule to close the show:

The people who work for me know exactly what is expected of them: they know what I think, where we’re going, and what the rewards will be when we get there. That’s because I’m very straight. I can’t stand people who say one thing and do another.”

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  1. Rich M Brady August 1, 2018 at 9:04 am - Reply

    If it makes you feel any better Tracy, I’ve had a cold this week too!

    I’ve completed a few psychometric tests over the years, which seem to have been very accurate.

    More recently, however, I’ve read a little bit around “jagged profiles”.

    Reading suggestion: End of Average, Todd Rose.

    He writes about how we are all extroverts and introverts, confident and lack confidence, all depending on the situation and the environment.

    Do you know of any tests that would take that into account?

    I agree with your points on being tough Heather.

    I found it interesting that Karren Brady was hired because she was a “sacker”.

    That doesn’t sit well with me; surely a better way would be to engender people to be better than they were yesterday and of course, to hire the right people in the first place.

    Don’t get me wrong, I have had to let people go in the past, but if you need to recruit someone specifically to sack then maybe your hiring process is flawed.

    If your hiring process is flawed, then is deciding to hire a sacker the right thing to do?

    • tracy August 9, 2018 at 3:22 pm - Reply

      Thanks for your comment Rich – great to have a book recommendation too – I’ll add that to the list.

      I’d not heard of Jagged Profiles before but the idea that the situation/environment influences our personality certainly rings true with me. Heather is the one to respond to the question about a psychometric tests that take that into account so I’ll leave that to her if I may.

      Yes absolutely, recruiting a ‘sacker’ might seem like a great idea if your hiring process is lacking, but I think I’d prefer to hire someone to correct the flaws in the hiring process….. Deal with the cause not the symptoms I say.


      Hi Rich

      Jagged profiles are interesting in that you are right, we all have some elements of every characteristic in our personality. Psychometrics serve to highlight ‘preferences’ if you will. What’s our default or go to style in given situations. For example pressure might cause us to move towards a particular characteristic through learned behaviour.

      All assessments have the ability to deliver a ‘jagged or spiky’ profile and these can be used in the way we might place a certain plant in a certain environment in order for it to flourish. Our job is to interpret based on best fit and then apply lime, sunlight or drainage, as appropriate.

      In my opinion, any attempt to counter jagged results, can only be achieved by using robust methodology developed from discrete and large data sets.

      Thanks for commenting :-).


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