Episode 106: 12th March 2020

The Gender Pay Gap,  International Women’s Day, Maddie Goes Electric, Ladies Climbing Ladders and Cherie Blair.

In the week when Coronavirus dominates the news every hour on the hour we have decided to use International Women’s Day as our theme as we take a look at some of the things we can be grateful for and those which still require improvement.

Gender pay gap reporting rules celebrates its 3rd birthday next month and so this week we consider whether it’s time to put up the bunting and crack open the lemonade or if we run the risk of celebrating too soon.

We learn that your MBTI preferences may impact on your ability to play with the high rollers, HSBC and the rest of the Financial Services industry have their work cut out and we learn that a 4 day week might be the answer to everyone’s prayers.

In other news we learn that woodland trees have the power to save the planet and freelance women might want to explore their options if they are planning to conceive in the near future.

Tracy gets very excited about a series of YouTube videos with the rather intriguing name ‘Maddie Goes Electric‘ in which aforementioned Maddie talks us through her journey to buying an electric car. Heather raises her sights with Ladies Can’t Climb Ladders by Jane Robinson, a book which examines the experiences of those women who trail blaze in occupations which were and still are the preserves of men.

And finally, our profile this week is that of Cherie Blair, most senior Queens Counsel, wife of former Prime Minister Tony and founder of the Cherie Blair Foundation whose work is to empower 100,000 women from deprived and disadvantaged communities by helping them to pursue their own business interests and income generation.

Remember, you are the community and we welcome your comments below. Please keep them kind or at least be constructive in your criticisms.

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